Rapport Building & Behavior Change

Prerequisite: This training is a prerequisite before attending Interviewing Skills for Behavior Change.

Building rapport and using a participant-centered, strength-based approach is crucial to establishing and maintaining a trusting relationship with WIC participants. Before engaging and counselling WIC participants, obtaining a good understanding of the very important VENA skills is a must, especially when faced with the environmental, cultural, and socio-economic issues that many of our WIC participants experience. During this two-day program, trainees will practice rapport building, learn about the stages of change and how to apply them to a participant’s readiness to change. In addition, through a variety of activities and role plays, trainees will learn and practice communication skills including validation, affirmation, reflective listening, asking questions, engagement strategies, ways to create a positive environment and non-verbal communication techniques.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
• Describe the importance of rapport building
• List effective communication skills to build rapport
• Identify the five stages of behavior change
• Explain techniques used to assess a participant’s stage of behavior change
• List skills to build rapport and assist clients through behavior change

Target Audience: WIC Coordinators, CPA+, Qualified Nutritionist, CPA

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