CAI uses interactive, participant-centered webinars to enhance your learning experience. Our webinars feature presentations from expert health and social service consultants and provide top-of-the-line learning opportunities that transcend distance. The webinar technology includes fully integrated audio and streaming options, which makes it easy for you to join the webinar and contribute, regardless of technical capabilities.

Registration Process:

Per the instruction of central office we will now have a new webinar process for registering and receiving certificates. As we know many agencies have multiple staff members view a live webinar together on the same computer. To accommodate this and allow each person to get a certificate, we’ve created the following registration plan:

  1. Each staff member intending to view the webinar must register individually through GoToWebinar. 
    1. (please be sure to carefully enter your e-mail address when registering, as that is the address that the link to join the webinar will be sent to)
  2. Staff can view the webinar as a group on the same computer or individually on their own device.
  3. Following the live webinar CAI will send an e-mail to every person who registered through GoToWebinar, with a link to the evaluations and certificates.
  4. Each staff who viewed the webinar will complete the evaluation, individually, then be taken to a screen to print their certificate.
    1. (please be sure to carefully enter your first and last name when printing your certificate)
  5. For staff who may have missed a live webinar, please note all webinars will be archived on our website under the On-Demand page, which can be found here 


1.) Preparing WIC Participants for the Shopping Experience
October 4, 2017                     2:00pm-4:00pm           Click here to register

To retain WIC participants in the program, the preparation and operationalizing for the shopping experience must be examined. Vendors play a key role in the delivery of WIC Program benefits. Their work helps to ensure participants have access to nutritious foods and can have a positive influence on the participants’ shopping experience and retention in the WIC program. This two-hour webinar aspects of the shopping experience and identify opportunities for WIC staff to better prepare participants for the grocery store experience. The training will cover how to interpret the foods cards, understanding Minimum Stock requirements, participant and vendor rights, and managing complaints. In addition, we will highlight Local Agency developed tools for preparing WIC participants for the grocery store experience as well as follow-up coaching.

As a result of this webinar, trainees will be able to:
• Develop an understanding of how the grocery store experience impacts overall retention
• Describe strategies that Local Agencies can utilize to prepare the WIC participant for the grocery store experience
• Discuss the opportunities that the Vendor Management Agencies have to work with vendors to enhance the grocery store experience
• Identify ways that Local Agencies and VMA teams can collaborate more effectively

Presenters: Michelle Gerka and Lonnie Reaves

Target Audience: All Staff, including VMA Staff

2.) WIC Work: Dealing With Change

October 31, 2017               2:00PM-4:00PM             Click here to register

 Whether it be service enhancement, organizational advancement, or simply “keeping up with the times,” changing environments are inevitable.  Faced with the uncertainty that change may bring, how does one confidently move forward?  This two-hour webinar will discuss how to thrive during times of transition by understanding the fundamentals of change and how to navigate the change process to reach the desired outcome. 

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand why organizations and individuals need to adapt and make changes
  • Identify the role of staff in facilitating change
  • Assess a Local Agency’s readiness to change and the steps needed to go through the change process
  • Create strategies for managing change and reaching the goal of change in all areas of life 

Presenters: Michelle Gerka, Gricel Arredondo

Target Audience: All Staff, including VMA staff


*We record all of our webinars, so if you are unable attend or who wish to view it again, you can stream the recording directly from our website. Visit our On Demand Webinar Library to view our selection of on demand webinars. Archived webinars can be found here.