Certified Lactation Counseling (CLC) Training

During this five-day training program WIC staff will practice providing information on lactation and support services to participants from prenatal to birth and beyond.

Topics covered include:

• Lactation basics—an overview of milk production and how to properly and successfully breastfeed.
• Common scenarios and how to handle them (e.g., working and breastfeeding).
• Special concerns and how to respond (e.g., babies with special needs).
• Contraindications to breastfeeding, including an examination of the effect of nicotine, alcohol, and medications.

Trainees will use case studies and role plays to practice working with WIC participants around these issues. This program incorporates relevant topics and skills related to the VENA competencies, such as communication skills, multicultural awareness, and critical thinking.

Target Audience: CPA+, Qualified Nutritionist, CPA, Breastfeeding Coordinators, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Coordinators

Please note: This training is conducted by Healthy Children's Project. The Pocket Guide for Lactation Management by Karin Cadwell and Cindy Turner-Maffei is utilized in this training. Trainees who attend the full training and pass an exam will be issued a CLC certificate.