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NYS WIC Learning Community

2021 NYS WIC Learning Community

Taking Outreach to a New Level: Innovative Strategies and Approaches for Remote Outreach

Throughout New York State WIC Local Agencies are challenged by decreasing caseloads, yet the data of eligible participants tells us there are ample participants living and working in New York State to fulfill our caseloads.  So the question is, what are we doing regarding outreach?  Is it time to do our outreach in a new and innovative way?  The 2021 WIC Learning Community will focus on equitable outreach as its primary outcome, examining remote possibilities.  Each local agency will have an opportunity to create a data dashboard that examines their “catchment” area or county by zip code, to inform us of where the eligible participants live and work.  The Learning Community agencies will explore genuine community engagement and work with the Tanebaum Center to explore faith based public health initiatives occurring in their communities.  This Learning Community will take an intentional look at equity and how it impacts outreach efforts. Lastly, WIC Local Agencies participating in the 2021 Learning Community will be asked to identify one non-traditional partner and invite them to be a part of the August virtual learning session. 

*Please note that all sessions of this year’s Learning Community will be done completely remotely, all through the platform Zoom, and not require any travel cost for the participating agencies.

As part of this initiative, the Learning Community will also be utilizing resources and tools from the newly developed Outreach Toolkit created by the New York State Department of Health.  We are looking for twelve highly-motivated local agencies from throughout New York State who are ready and eager to take outreach to the next level and examine all of the best practices related to outreach and engagement of participants and the broader community.

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*Applications are due March 5