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2019 NYS WIC Learning Community

Revitalizing Participant-Centered Services

Are you worried that NYWIC has put a stall on your participant centered services? Do you need a re-boot? Do you want to think about your wait time? Clinic flow? The first impression your site makes on new participants? 

The key role of the WIC Program in all communities is to improve health outcomes. This includes issues related to breastfeeding rates, maternal health and mortality, obesity rates in families and general outcomes related to healthy mothers and healthy babies. To improve these outcomes, the research is clear that when participants make decisions on what behaviors they would like to change and how they might go about those changes the outcomes improve vastly. This is the rationale behind participant-centered services.

The New York State WIC Program has engaged with the participant-centered philosophy for several years knowing that this strategy is the most effective. The 2019 Learning Community is going to examine all of the strategies and practices to help revitalize the participant-centered approach after the rollout of NYWIC.

WIC local agencies will bring together twelve teams from across the state to accomplish the following:
  1. Analyze the role of leadership in creating a participant-centered agency
  2. Examine how a participant-centered culture is fostered at the local agency level and the role of the sponsoring agency
  3. Describe the roles and responsibilities of each staff person on the team
  4. Analyze how supervision and training facilitates a participant-centered approach
  5. Utilize data to examine scheduling practices and clinic flow
  6. Describe the physical environment and make improvements
  7. Analyze the term participant-centered and consider re-naming or rebranding this term

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