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Training Catalog


Advanced Formula
Breastfeeding Best Practices: You Can Do It, WIC Can Help!
Breastfeeding: It's What We Do! Basic Competencies for CPA Staff
Breastfeeding: It's What We Do! Competencies for Clerical Staff
Building Skills for the CPA: Conducting a Breast Pump Assessment
Building Skills: Assessing and Counseling Breastfeeding Mothers
Building Continuity of Care: Critical Thinking and Note Writing in WIC
Certified Lactaction Counseling (CLC) Training
Communication Skills Lab for QN/CPAs
Communication Skills Lab for Support Staff
Effective Supervision: The Key to a Quality Program
High Risk Care
Income Assessment & Reassessment for Staff Who Determine Income Eligibility
Nutrition Assessment, Education, and Counseling
Participant-Centered Group Facilitation
NYS Growth and Monitoring Training
Referrals are a Two-Way Street: Developing and Maintaining an Effective Referral System
Talking About Weight: From Age One to Age Five
YOU are the Face of WIC: Enhanced Skills for Engagement and Conflict Management for Support Staff
Vendor Management Teams: Reflections on Your Work Style and its Impact on Your Work


16 & Pregnant: Providing WIC Services to Adolescents
Advanced Participant Centered Communication Skills
Anthropometry and Hematology
Basic Training for Breastfeeding Peer Counselors
Basic Training for Support Staff
Basic Training for QNs/CPAs
Core Competencies of WIC Managers Modules
Enhancing Customer Service
Finessing the Front Desk
Lifecycle Nutrition of WIC Participants
Maternal Perinatal Depression
Note Writing in NYSWIC for All Staff
Note Writing in Vendor Management Agencies
Participant Centered Communication Skills
Public Health Detailing
Talking About Safe Sleep
Tobacco, Alcohol, and Substance Use
Wellness and WIC
WIC: Together Growing Stronger Families
Understanding Baby Behavior